How to Teach Your Horse To Jump

Step 1:
Jump the fence perfectly multiple times before your video crew arrives at the ring.
The slightly skinny jump in question.
Step 2:
The moment the camera starts rolling, completely forget how to ride and teach your horse how to run out.
Uh. Oops.
Step 3:
Proceed to perfect the run out, despite attempting the opposite.
.... sigh.
Step 4:
Reinstall ability to go over the center of the jump.
Good boy.
Step 5:
Jump the jump correctly.
So proud.


  1. D'awww Basty-pants the not-quite jumper. <3

  2. i think i'm better at teaching horses to run out than actually jump. but look at him lift up his hind legs and not t-rex into the x!!

  3. he looks so cute once he got over it (And i too have been known to teach them the run out! HA) wow you got a lot of rain too!

    i might need a Bast Fan Club Tshirt :)

  4. I love your teaching style! It meshes quite well with my own technique, lol!

  5. 100% legit method, OTTB approved!

  6. lol Bast.... always so unnecessarily creative in your approaches to problem solving!

  7. Hi Guys
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    PS a tad damp there hey ;)

  8. Hi Everyone

    Congratulations Team USA!!!!!
    What a nail biting final to the team showjumping event at WEG last night.
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    This link also includes the top 20 individual riders after 3 days of showjumping

    This link has the current medal standing with Team Great Britain topping those standings

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    Please let me know if these comments are getting too much :) Would like to join the web community but not get on their nerves.



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