The Best $90 Spent

I strolled into the tack shop looking for specific necessities, standing wraps and fly spray. Arms already full, I wandered into the cluttered back of the store, where the consignment items languished in chaos. Almost immediately, I saw them...
Cue angels.
A set of glorious chestnut brown polo boots peeked out of the pile of mostly indistinguishable black field boots. I snatched them out immediately, steeling myself for the inevitable heartbreaks of sizing, quality, and price.

By some miracle, the price tag read an affordable $90. The sizing was listed as "7 1/2 or 9?" Unsure what that meant, I whipped off my own shoes and slipped my foot in, jeans and all. They zipped snugly against my leg. The foot was a bit big (so, probably a 9), but the calf sizing was perfect.
We also found a massive eggbutt snaffle for $5.
While the leather had seen better days, a thin spiderweb of superficial cracks wound around the exteriors, I knew these boots were the right answer to my schooling boot problem. They had clearly been used hard, and suffered some water damage on the right calf. However, the inner leg was so thick and sturdy I knew they'd hold up to a lot of riding.

I pulled out my credit card and called them my birthday present to myself.

Once I had them in my possession, I started digging to figure out what they were. I studied the faded makers mark inside for a long time before deciphering a faint "Dehner". That set my brain whirring and my fingers typing. In no time at all, I knew I had a set of these on my hands:
Holy $$ Batman!
Talk about a steal of a deal! Even with the use and the slight flaws, these boots could have gone for much, much more in the consignment. A friend who works at the store later told me she'd taken them in only the day before, and was heartbroken they didn't fit her. She was also astounded at the affordable price set.

I am so lucky!
I love front zips.
While not true dressage boots, polo boots like these have a lot in common with the stovepipe type boot. The upper leg is very stiff and supportive. The zippers are in front, which I absolutely love. My large calves are a back zipper liability, yet I've never had anything but success with my front zipper dressage boots.

Polo boots have a lot more styling flair, which I adore in a schooling boot. The tassels are silly, and the buckled keeper is so over the top. This is a boot I'd pick out for myself brand new, so finding an affordable pair on consignment feels like destiny.
Surprise! Look who's back to work!
I wish they were an inch taller, but won't complain. They are absurdly comfortable in the saddle. The fact that they are already extensively broken in through the ankle means I have zero problem pulling my lower leg back where it needs to be.
Chestnut boots on a chestnut horse? Be still my heart. 
Next steps for these pretty guys is some cleaning TLC, a coat of clear polish or wax, and eventually a new set of soles. I'm enjoying pulling them out for my rides, and love how excited I am to just go out to the barn so I can play in them!
I think they'll look perfect on Bast, too!


  1. Wow!! That is an amazing deal. I love finding stuff like that and while I haven’t found anything for myself yet, having a pony means that I find some real deals on used Pony sized equipment which is always fun!

  2. yup those are basically perfect <3

  3. i want polo boots so bad. especially dehners. youre sooo lucky i have major major heart eyes going!!

  4. Omg I love them! I too found a pair of Dehner's this way!!!

  5. Best deal/find ever! They look fabulous.

  6. awww waaaay too cool! the look fabulous <3

  7. They look amazing! What a freaking steal.

  8. Not gonna lie, when I first saw that pic of you and Pig on Instagram I immediately was drawn to the boots :D


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