Making Friends

Monday we turned Bast out with his new turnout group. (No. He's not going back on field board, but he's also not going to stay in solitary confinement for life.)
Look! Friends? Frenemies? Let's find out!
The group is huge, and I wasn't sure how the introduction was going to go. At the last barn, the others in Bast lived with were hugely curious, but also let him take control of their tiny herd. Because of this, he developed quite a god-complex in the field. Things could easily go south when introducing this type of horse to a group.

Still, I knew this group was capable of teaching him a different way. I held my breath and tossed him out.
Here we go!
To begin, he took his sweet time sneaking up on the group. When no one came to greet him, he seemed to get very confused and offended. Saving face, he wandered right into the middle of the group.
Dear horse. You lack confidence in so many areas of your life, why do you not lack it here?!
Thankfully the other horses at this farm are very chill. There was only one horse in the group who took serious offense to his intrusion. The others just ignored him or casually tried to drive him off.
"Oh god, must make myself taller!" -- Bast
Bast is very good at standing up for himself in a group, so he puffed himself up and started squealing when another horse would get close.
Puffing himself up so big he looks emaciated. Thanks, horse. Try relaxing, bro. It's a thing.
If the other horse wouldn't leave with the squeal, Bast would start tossing out legs.
He really upped the drama factor rapidly.
(The startled bird in this photo string slays me)
In short, he really went over the top.
Things settled quickly, as Bast continued to get ignored. We had to break up one kicking fest between him and the one offended horse, but no one was hurt. After a short time, Bast started to figure out it was better to just move away from other horses, rather than stand his ground and literally throw bows. 

I was disappointed with the lack of running around, as I hoped he might actually get chased around some. However, we did get treated to some prime Arabian impersonation. That's always a treat.
After this excitement, Bast wandered off to make friends with some geese. I guess he felt they were more his speed? 
You can't see them here, but I promise there was a whole flock of geese to the right of this photo.
By the time I left for the night, he was starting to actually make horse friends, starting with this 18 hand OTTB. I guess he has a thing for gentle giant types? 
Since Monday he's been doing great. I'm really happy with how he's settling in and how relaxed and willing he has been since the move.


  1. Glad to read he's settling in!

  2. I'm always amazed at how well these large groups work out!

    1. Honestly, I prefer large groups. I think they're more natural. It's easier for horses who don't get along to separate themselves.

  3. I love the expressions of the horses in the background. No one is impressed with his majesty.

  4. I love watching new horses get turned out, there is always fancy prancing. I'm glad it seems to be working out well! And that bird is AWESOME.

  5. Oh my goodness he is hilariously dramatic!

  6. oh boy bast. well im glad hes with a new group that isnt gonna put up with his shit quite so much. heres to friends and not getting in a kick fight!!

  7. Yay Bast! The pictures are total gold. I will probably read this post again when I need a good giggle, I love his hoverhorse impression.

  8. I'm so glad it's working out at the new place! Hopefully they remain completely unimpressed by his antics lol

  9. I love how the other horses in these pictures are going "Dafuq, dude, chill OUT". Too funny!

  10. Sounds like a great situation for you. So happy!

  11. I never get tired of watching herd dynamics! I'm happy to hear Bast is making new friends! Also, he looks VERY impressive indeed (tell I said that).


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