Debuting Fourth Level On 1/4 Of A Brain

"Oh SHIT! We have a SHOW?! I am SO not prepared for this." Pig, most certainly
Well folks, this is it. The moment we've all been waiting for. Tomorrow Pig and I will debut 4th Level. Honestly, though. I can't decide if I even care. Emma and I joked about making a goal of "less fours on movements." I think that's maybe too ambitious of a goal for me. Why? Well...

Let's recap. In the last 2 months:
- I was having great rides, schooling lots of really nice 4th level work
- My horse told me he needed injections
- My best dog almost died
- My life kind of stopped and I didn't/couldn't continue to ride.
- When I could ride, my horse felt like he had neurological issues, prompting me to just about have a mental breakdown.
- I called the vet back , only to have the vet tell me he thinks the horse is just old and the break in his schedule did not help things, and possibly he needs to be stepped down, but that he (thankfully) does not have EPM and probably not Lyme either. Just age. Lots of age.
- My best dog did die, breaking my heart into a thousand pieces.
- Three days later I drove across the country to Rolex.
- One day after returning from Rolex, I had a conference for work that disrupted everything.
- I realize I am mentally completely worthless, and my head is basically fully mush.
- Two days after the conference I'm at the show grounds to debut 4th level with my old-ass, sometimes gimpy, definitely grumpy, moderately shed out, pasture puff of a horse who hasn't schooled anything more advanced than a "please god stop bucking in this canter transition".

Send help. Or gin. Shit just got real. At this point, I think my goal should maybe just be survive.


  1. I am so sorry about the loss of your dog. It does shatter the heart. I love your humorous approach to this - if you are at all like me it's a survival mechanism. You've done this lots of times (showing I mean. Not panicking. Well, possibly panicking but that wasn't what I meant to say and I should just stop typing). Pig and you will debut the 4th level and it might be a 'disaster' in terms of score AND it will also be a success in that you did it and schooled it and did not chicken out.

    Go get 'em.

  2. Sending you lots of virtual gin! Good luck! I think the goal of 'just survive' is good, means you can go and do your test with hopefully not too much pressure.

  3. Wish I could be there with a bottle of gin at ringside! Stay on the horse. Attempt the movements. You will find success!! Love you, love Pig, hoping you find some sort of bright star to cling to this weekend! <3

  4. YOU GOT THIS GIRL!!!! (That might be the beer talking but.... Ooh did somebody say beer????)

  5. eh maybe it was a shitshow so you wouldnt be nervous and overprepare it???

    either way, good luck!!

  6. Life happens, and it sucks. I'm so sorry things have been tough for you lately. I'm all about the virtual shots of gin tho!! <3

  7. Sending you good vibes! "Less fours on movements" seems like a good starting goal. At least it can probably only go up from here, right?

  8. My best shows are when I went into the ring with "Oh I don't give a shit" attitude. You guys got this though! 4-1 is just 3-3 but a different pattern! ... Well, and non-counted tempis but WHATEVA!!

  9. You've had such a tough and crazy month, regardless of what the score is, I hope you can have a fun weekend with Pig. I agree with Karen, sometimes rides can go surprisingly well when you have zero expectations and don't care about the result. Sending gin vibes!

  10. just enjoy the ride no matter the ride. To be able to even attempt 4th has me in awe of you. And i think your horse has lots of spunk left. Enjoy! (And take a quick alcoholic shot if you can:)! Can't wait to read. SO MUCH stuff happening this weekend, gonna be fun reading next week!

  11. You'll do great. Excited to hear about it.

  12. you guys will be amazing! If I could I would totally show up with help and gin but as it is I'll have all of my fingers and toes crossed for you :)

  13. You'll be AMAZING. I'm so sorry about your dog. I can't even imagine. He'll be with you there in spirit

  14. I'd send you all the gin in the world because I fucking can't stand the stuff. I hope the show went well!


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