Splint Update

It's been awhile since I've done an post featuring Pig's broken splint, and subsequent huge splint bump.

As a reminder, this was it the day he went to prison on stall rest.
Holy huge bump, Batman!
And this is the unsightly lump today...
Improvement, ahoy!
Overall, I'm incredibly happy with Pig's pace of healing. He's sound as can be, and the lump is going down far faster than I anticipated. He did lose some hair at the injection site of the bump, which is weird. That may be due some to a little rubbing, though.
Sorry for this super dark photo.
The best part? The bump hasn't been responding negatively to the increased workload for Pig, or to his turnout shenanigans. It's staying off the suspensory, and overall seems to just be a blemish for now. I'm still playing it very cautiously, however. Guinness will remain in boots for turnout (a friend's Dalmars) and for riding (DSBs). I don't want to take a chance that he'll whack the site while it's probably still laying down new bone.


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