Freedom x2: Your Monday Photo Escape

A happier horse never was...
After a few days burning off energy in individual turnout, I finally felt it was time to introduce Guinness back into his regular field board pasture.
Including these two monsters...
I didn't want to stress his leg too much at first, so I arranged to turn him out all day with the boys and to be brought in at night. Figuring the temptation to play with his old buddies would be very strong, I planned to have Pig booted in front to protect the splint.
I also led him out with a chain. Because ... sick of his bad behavior.
Good thing I did. The play was epic, and exuberant. Enjoy...
Trotting out to see the boys...
"Well, boys. What have you done with the place for the last month?"
Such stallion. Much squealing. So wow.

May the games begin!

"See! I am taller than you!!"
"Nevermind! It seems you are also very large!"
So fun!
Now let's be fancy for a bit!
And play "bitey face"!
Another round of "who's taller", which it seems Pig is winning, through sheer athleticism.

Such fun!
And now I am bored of you...
Both days, the three boys played hard for 10-15 minutes before settling back grazing and snuffling each other. Pig's leg showed no changes, so I had him returned to 24-7 turnout on the third day. Though, he will still booted during the day for now. 

The two bay geldings are an extremely tight pair, which works fine for Pig. He likes to be off doing his own thing, while those two enjoy their brotherly love-fest. The mare has been removed from the field for the moment, and the whole pasture seems to be okay with this development.
Peaceful and free. The way they like to be.


  1. Hahahah. I love his facial expressions!

  2. aw where did they take mary jane?!?

  3. What a stud :) Love how happy they all look!

  4. So much fun! That last pic is so pretty and peaceful

  5. Love the pictures and yay for freedom! I don't know how you handled the play. Just the pictures were making me stressed for Pig...

    1. He's a pretty self-preserving horse (despite all the minor cuts/scrapes), and usually takes care of himself. That helped my stress levels. He didn't have a scratch on him any of these days!

  6. What fun photos! There is nothing better than watching horses play. :0)

  7. Looks like hey are having a ball, what fab photos ♡♡♡

  8. Love the photos! He looks great :)

  9. I have to say that Guinness probably displays more energy in turnout in those ten minutes than Bobby ever has in his entire life combined, and that makes me very jealous of all the awesome pictures you get!

    1. Well. He's normally totally boring, so don't get too jealous.

  10. Awww he's so happy!! Poor guy, glad he finally got out of jail!

  11. Goodness. That is some exuberant play!


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