Moving = Doing Paperwork with a Sleepless Brain

The cross country move is in full swing, so I apologize for the delay in writing up our last show! I'll get to it in a bit (there's a lot to get to with it! Probably two whole posts!), but first I wanted talk about the preparation for our in Maryland/D.C.
Here's a teaser...

The week before my Third Level debut, I ended up heading to D.C. for a three day housing and exploration trip. My husband and I marathoned visits to 11 rental homes, 5 barns, and a side trip to Georgetown for an amazing dinner. This is when I visited the tack store and bought my infamous Darkwing Duck cape...
Unfortunately, the rental we chose fell through on the flight home. While devastated, I put it behind me to get through the weekend of horse showing. We made plans to return to D.C. on the Monday following the show.
Flying over NYC, and this massive cemetery. Not creepy at all. Nope.
That's right kids. The timeline was total bananas:
Monday thru Wednesday -- D.C. Marathon Housing Trip
Wednesday -- Get home in the evening and frantically search Craigslist/Zillow/ for new rentals. Email for new appointments.
Thursday -- Work, late. Find out a marketing emergency cropped up while I was gone. Frantically get that as taken care of as much as possible before...
Friday thru Sunday, late -- HORSE SHOW TIME
Sunday night thru early hours of Monday -- Frantically pack for emergency D.C. housing trip
Monday -- Super early flight to D.C., followed by terrible flight delays. Once in D.C. visit two homes and eat a super late dinner. Tried not to pass out from exhaustion. Continue working on marketing emergency on the plane.
Tuesday -- See two more homes and stop back by the tack store. Set up three stellar renal possibilities. On a plane by 2pm. Get stuck in LaGuardia for 5 hours. Eventually land back in Indiana. Get to bed sometime by 2am.
Wednesday thru Friday -- Wrap up all my duties at work before leaving for good.

Yeah. Basically, I'm sorry for not writing more, but I've been running a little ragged. Since that timeline, we've been trying to get the house in order for packing. Finally yesterday and today was the packing and moving out days. Tomorrow we leave Indiana for good and embark for D.C. (Here we come Liz & Emma & Alli!)
"Who put these boxes here? Where is my couch? Are we there yet?" -- Lyra
As for Pig, except for a brief break following the show, he's stayed in full work. I've been making an effort to get out and ride him almost every day. He is doing wonderfully, and I'll update more about that in a bit.

Honestly, my biggest concern with Pig is getting his trip to Maryland in order. We ended up scoring a field board slot at our top choice barn, and I booked his trip last week. After that, I've been rushing to book his vet appointments (extra shots, health certificate, fecal exam -- the usual), get his paperwork organized (Wait a minute... the movers want my original coggins?! I have a serious hang up about parting with that), and pack up the trunk shipping with him. At home, I had to organize and clean all of his things. That included his disgusting winter blankets. No one wants a urine soaked turnout blanket marinating in a moving truck with their mattress for a week.

No one.

So a couple of hours of backbreaking scrubbing in the driveway and several loads of laundry later, all of Pig's wearable were clean and ready to pack.
There is no smell worse than three disgusting turnout blankets marinating in the driveway.
With all of my things laid out to dry, it was pointed out to me that maybe I have a problem with buying coordinating outfits for my horse...
I say, there's no such thing as "too much coordination." Especially when you're trying to carry heavy boxes up steep basement steps...
As I type this, I see all of Pig's things being loaded into the moving truck. Onward to D.C. my friends!


  1. Hope the move goes smoothly! And that you get a break girl! Good grief!

  2. OMG - makes me exhausted reading this. Makes our move to KY and back seems like a piece of cake! Basically, moving sucks. Hope all goes well for the rest of the move. Will so miss you and the very handsome Guinness!

  3. I don't even want to think about moving. Glad the barn situation worked out. Here's to a new chapter!

  4. Military moves are stressful! It is nice that you don't have to pack anything unless you want it to go with you to tide you over until the Household Goods show up. Thinking positive thoughts for a smooth, uneventful move for your family and Guinness!

    1. Thanks! Military moves are certainly much different from other moves I've made!

  5. Good luck with the move! Those big ones are so stressful.

  6. Good luck with everything! Hope you and Pig and your husband and pup land safely in MD/DC. I'm just over the bridge(s) in NJ, so I'm close too! :)

  7. i am sooooooo excited to have you moving to our area!!! your recent schedule sounds heinous tho - i sincerely hope you have time for a break after arrival. good luck and travel safely!!! (also, i'm soooo psyched to read about your debut at 3rd and the story behind that gorgeous ribbon!!)

  8. I don't envy you that move at all! Hopefully everything goes smoother from here on out!

  9. Safe, happy move! I clearly haven't sent you any jam so we will be in touch and you can get a housewarming gift. :D I hope Pig enjoys his trip to DC!

    1. Uh. Duh. Housewarming jam is the best kind of jam!

  10. I hope that the move goes well and that you get to catch up on some rest. You poor girl!

  11. Good luck with the move!! I'm sure you'll be so so glad once as everything is all settled and you can finally sit still for once. Can't wait to hear about the show!

  12. Crazy day! Hope the move goes well and you and Pig have safe travels!

  13. Hope the move goes well! And you reminded me that I really need to get on washing my winter blankets........


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