Getting back into a groove

Being "funemployed" (great term, Megan!) has really been cramping my style. I'm a type A do-all-the-things sort of person. Having large expanses of open time seems to break my brain.

I need a job, guys.

Until then, I've been organizing the new house, buying an arranging furnishings, and exploring my new neighborhood. I've already discovered riding is going to be a major time investment, especially if I end up employed downtown. It's easily an hour drive with traffic, and then a couple of hours at the barn. I'm working on discovering shortcuts. Unfortunately those explorations have caused me to become lost during rush hour traffic a couple of times.

The swearing coming out of my mouth when stuck in traffic. It blisters the ears.
Part of my drive offers this surreal view... feels like you are driving into OZ or something.
I'm also working on getting lessons set up. My barn has a ton of resident trainers, and I plan to audit and take a few experimental lessons with a few in order to suss out which one is the best fit for Pig and I. I have few recommendations, and have watched a few lessons. Fingers crossed this process doesn't take too long. I need to get back into a program with instruction!

Pig has actually been working great. The footing here is impeccable, and I think that's helped his dainty feet and arthritic joints immensely. He's springy, opinionated, and sound. I both love and hate it. His opinions have started to get a little out of hand. There's nothing more embarrassing than introducing yourself and your "schooling 3rd" thoroughbred to a new group of riders as your horse backs down the length of the arena refusing to turn right or go nicely into contact.

Oh, Pig.

At least he's still pretty ... ;)
Right now our rides seem to flip back and forth between great and horrible. One day great, the next horrid. I can't help but assume he's getting a little sore and tired on the 2nd day, but I'm positive that isn't all of it. You guys know Pig. He's a moody bastard horse, and this is just normal.

I'm sure part of the problem is my jello-like abs. I have the weakest abs right now, as moving doesn't really give you time to get in killer workouts (unless you count carrying 10,000 items up and down stairs and scrubbing rental kitchens...). This is making the sitting trot extremely hard, especially as Pig has gotten 10x bouncier. I am not an elegant rider right now, and my picky horse would like me to get back to work...

So anyway. That's your update. I won't promise my writing will come more regularly, but I'll try. Today I should be finishing up my office. That'll help. Maybe. Or maybe I'll just skip out and go to the Folger Shakespeare Library instead....


  1. Washington DC is awful for traffic. Are you near a train station? Public transit is the way to go if you have to commute to downtown-somewhere... I ride the bus, and while it's still a long annoying ride, I can take a nap/read a book/not pay attention to anything, and it makes the 45 minute drive to the barn more bearable.

    Good footing makes all the difference. When I bring Mikey back home to our farm, he's not quite as springy since it's a sand clay mix and wherever we went riding had better footing. The chestnut thoroughbreds have mind melded and decided only every other ride is going to be good. Mikey is doing the same thing to me right now!

  2. Oh no your commute sounds like mine. :( I don't want you to suffer like me tho.

  3. LOL Your last photo is awesome. The commute sounds like a bitch though. Ugh.

  4. I too am having either great or horrid rides with no in between. And having to smile apologetically at other riders when my horse runs backwards or flails around violently in protest. Working on my abs too because I hope to show at sitting trot by next year but core strength is so hard! Also Pig really is quite handsome :)

  5. i know that view!!!!! can't wait to come meet you and Pig and see alllll the fancy horses at your new place :D

  6. That last picture!!!

    Eek that sounds like a killer commute!

  7. We are the same person! I hate being funemployed. And I'm only partially funemployed. I still work 15-20 hours per week but I feel like a crazy person with too much time on their hands. Ugh. Need. Job.

    I feel you on having a slightly embarrassing horse too. I was at a clinic once (actually this happened several times) with Rico, who was eighteen and going Prix St George at the time, and he came out of the trailer like a complete maniac. A lady was like "WHOA OMG the round pen is over there, how OLD is he?" and I was like "um he is eighteen and I do not need a round pen," and she scurried away from him.

    Silly Pig, he needs to use his powers of soundness and energy for good and not evil!

  8. I've totally done that commute, I feel your pain.

    My first lesson with my fancy new trainer, Tristan blew through my outside aids while holding his head so high his nose was actually higher than mine and slammed us both into a wall. SLAMMED. I thought he'd broken my leg. I was utterly humiliated. So yeah. Been there with you...

  9. Woops sorry, sounds to me like I didn't clean all the Kika off that bit...some of her ideals must have somehow been imbedded in the metal & are seeping into another feisty Irish redhead.

  10. That photo with the glasses....dying...

  11. I have a cousin who rode while living in DC and she warned me about the traffic- actually we were going to move to either DC or the Bay and ended up going with the part because I was concerned about the barn commute. I don't think traffic is any better here :).

  12. Best of luck on the job search - the right one will come along! I went thru it when we moved to KY and thought I would lose my mind before I got a decent job offer.

  13. You just inspired me to start working out again


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