How to Keep Busy When You Have to Miss a Show

Brief Update: We missed the show last weekend. Guinness is still lame, but not on the foot. Other options are being explored. Update to come. Now, for the fun!

How to Keep Busy When You're Lame Horse Forces You to Miss a Show:

1. Buy a new horse trailer an entire state away. Make sure to stay up for 24 hours straight in order to drive it home.

2. Spend a whole day driving around town to get collect the gear to install a double wall and mats in your new trailer's back door. Make sure to not eat or drink a lot so you can almost pass out in Rural King from heat exhaustion. That makes it more fun. When you get home, install your rockin' new mats.

3. Pimp out said horse trailer with lots of reflective gear. Wash and wax trailer too, just for kicks.

4. Use new trailer to take injured Mr. Limpy to the vet for x-rays. In the meantime, teach said Mr. Limpy to load and unload peaceably into a step up trailer.
No problem Mom! I got this!