Quick Update

I have a longer post in the works, all about our new place. However, I'm so excited about the improvements in Guinness' condition that I had to post a new condition photo. This is the Big Guy after just under 2 weeks at the new place.

With his new diet (breakfast, huge lunch, and dinner), he's started filling out along his topline again. His haunches aren't so sunken, and you can see definite improvement in along his ribcage. Not perfect, by any means. But better. He's such a happy dude too. Always curious now, trying to get into everything. He has tons of play buddies, and enjoys a good game of "rip the stuff off the front of Cole's stall, and feed it to him." Hilarious.

The new place has a great outdoor, which has been our place for conditioning. It's huge, so that helps, but I can't wait until the fields dry enough to ride in them! The neighborhood location means that we've been doing lots of road hacks, which have actually been helping bring down the size of his windpuffs. Cool.

Right now our only issue is finding a way to keep our stall dry (ugh), and getting his feet done. They are a little long and the hard rocky ground and road have been causing them to chip, and to pull the sole away where the white line is weak. Not good, especially when coupled with wet stall. They stay relatively dry, but just a bit brittle in the old parts. Farrier will be here early next week, and I am buying a rasp.

Consider yourself quickly updated!