The New Place: A Tour

As you all know, we moved Guinness back in March to a new place. Since we have moved, we have had nothing but fabulous things to say about this place. Sure, it's busier and has a bit less open space for conditioning, but the staff is amazing, the boarders very sweet and the atmosphere super laid back.

Right now, Guinness has been out for a few days with sore feet. His feet were trimmed back last Thursday, and since then he has been slightly footsore. Today he looked much better. I think riding is a possibility again. Tomorrow we are going to do our first conditioning set out in the huge cross country field. EXCITED!

Let's have a quick tour of the new place:

Gorgeous outdoor ring. Check out all that space! While awesome for jumping, this is unfortunately where we have been doing all of our conditioning, due to rain.

This is the Indoor ring. It's small, but the mirrors have already helped us come a long way in our dressage work. Jumping can be rough in here, but if there has ever been the incentive to sit up and balance, this is it!

Dressage Ring. Located uphill from the outdoor, the dressage ring is really helpful in allowing Guinness to focus on straight dressage days. This is also where the majority of our angry fights occur. Oops!
The XC FIELD!!!!!!! Complete with jumps and ... look, Mom, SPACE!

The first aisleway of the barn. There is another aisle, the indoor is connected directly behind me in this photo. Here's what I love about this barn, the intense amounts of activity in this place. Even when I'm there by myself at 9pm, you can still feel the activity.
This is also what I love about this barn. Guinness has been gaining more and more weight every day. In a week, he's going to be borderline chunky. I love it!

Today is a conditioning day, and the big cross country field is finally dry enough to have horses on! Along with the conditioning in the ring, we've been using the neighborhood the barn is nestled in to get our conditioning miles. But today, guess who's finally going to do some real galloping?! Excitement doesn't even begin to describe. Here's to hoping we don't also die ;)

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