Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Conformation and Conditioning Update

April 8 2018
I hope to make this a more regular feature here on the blog. It's been fascinating to track not only Bast's muscling and conditioning changes over the last few months, but also to track the way his body has been growing.
April 8 2018
Recently, I've noticed Bast seems to have grown a bit longer. His blankets no longer fit in the same way as they did at the start of the winter. Adding to this changes in saddle and other tack fit, I can only assume he's growing.
January 12 2018
January 2 2018
Hopefully he's growing up, as well as wider! I might be imagining things, but it seems like his butt and withers have been jostling a bit for which is taller. That's usually a good sign the horse is getting a bit taller. Let's keep our fingers crossed he finishes uphill!
August 30 2017


  1. I love tracking condition. You should stick him!

  2. I keep hoping Niko DOESN'T get much taller, hah.

  3. How do you make him look so pretty for these pictures?? My horse looks mentally and physically defective in his confo shots every month.

    1. I mean the middle one up there is pretty much a glamour shot of a donkey. 😉 Honestly I'm just kind of obsessive about finding the right angle and sticking to it, then waiting for the ears.

  4. I love these progress posts! I don't have anyone to help hold Scout but we're in dire need of some updated conformation photos! I DID recently stick him and he's 17hh behind and still 16.3 at the withers -- he needs to stop.