The Show That Wasn't

I planned an ambitious show season for these last few months of the 2020 year. Even knowing the schedule planned would be hard, I was looking forward to the hustle and bustle. In a year like this, having something to look forward to is worth attempting. We'd planned to tack on a very small USDF show at a new facility to me.

More of this please!

Unfortunately Bast heard about our plans, and managed to tangle himself in his fly sheet the day before this show. While it initially seemed he'd escaped his tangle without injury, by late afternoon it became obvious he was in some pain. I investigated thoroughly, and discovered a bit of rope burn around the back of his rear fetlock.

The offending leg, and rug burn. Can't blame the horse for being sore, really. Rug burn is the actual worst.

It's a long way from his heart, but Bast is ever dramatic about any amount of pain. He walked fine, but trotted off an impressive three legged lame. I sighed heavily, washed and dressed his minor wound, and scratched the show.

A few days later and he was completely sound and full of himself. He'll live to fight another day, apparently.

Until then? More of this.


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