Saturday Snippets Vol 1

I have all these video snippets from the last few months, but haven't posted them for some reason or another. I'm trying to rectify that, so I'm scheduling out some random Saturday posts where I just fill up your blogosphere with gifs and video clips. Let me know if you guys enjoy!

Back in May, I was spending a lot of time teaching Bast and Pig to pony with minimal drama. My barn mates found this work hilarious, heckling me at all opportunities. My friend Eddie set about videoing my attempt at trotting with both for the first time, complete with hilarious commentary.

Volume on for this video!


  1. So cute! Loved the commentary :)

  2. The expression on Pig's face (his whole body language really) is hilarious. 'Kids don't try this at home'. :D :D

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