In the Spirit of Dressing Up

Halloween, a day best spent dreaming of fair isles and redheaded unicorns...
The end of October seems like the perfect time to officially share these year-old photos taken by Liz Stout. I planned to go back through and tweak my initial editing before sharing. However I must admit I am not going to get to this, after an entire year of not working on them.
Magical moments in the woods.
Originally this was going to be a fully Halloween themed photoshoot, with plans to do a much darker costume. However, time ran short and I grabbed what was available. Instead choosing to dress as a Scottish princess, complete with tiny wolf and wild stallion.
He was a seriously wild stallion this day, too. Mannered, but barely holding on to his need to fidget and gallop.
Liz and I lamented the light, which was much too harsh and hot for a late fall day. Welcome to the DC region, right? Still, we had a blast playing with my sword and long cloak.
Bring it on, winter. This pair is ready for you.
Nothing about this costume is historically accurate. It cracks me up to see Pig's thoroughly modern double bridle alongside the more medieval sword and cloak. But, I love these. They are so fun.
This sword is so heavy. I swear to god my arms hurt for a week after trotting around with this sucker over my head.
We shot at the old therapy barn where Pig was loaned out last year. The facility was perfect, being on top of a huge hill with an amazing view.
Yes, Pig. Everything you can see we have conquered... on a trail ride.
The farm also has a house on the property dating from the late 1860s. It's been abandoned the last few years, so looks the part of a suitable dilapidated country house. Perfect for an All Hallows Eve photoshoot.
Spiderweb windows, missing porches, and badass horses. What more can you ask for? Maybe a sword?
I adore these photos. Pig's expressions are both so sweet and so bored and fed up with me, basically his opinion of me at all times these last few years.
Face cuddles are life. So are hair decorations that match your bradoon.
He wasn't an entirely cooperative partner, however. During part of the shoot, I pulled off his bridle. As I attempted to use a belt as a neck strap, he saw his chance. Without haste, but also with pure deliberation, he began to leave the premises.
So polite with his bit.
I ended up having to jump off and stop him from the ground. Giggling the whole long while as he told me multiple times how he was done with my shenanigans and ready to go back to the barn.
Yes, my dear. I hear you. Your job is finished.
As we turned back toward home, I made sure to thank him for his kindness. For always being there, no matter how hairbrained my idea might be. I appreciate his quiet support, as well as his much-less-quiet opinions.

So, a year later, I'd like to say it again. Thanks, my old friend. You still make me feel like a wild princess every time we're together.


  1. Maybe we'll be gifted with some moody clouds in a few weeks and can be ridiculous again, Pig, you have full permission to express disdain at our shenanigans forevermore.

  2. Love these photos ❤️ and your relationship with Pig.

  3. I love everything about this post.

  4. Hey Guys

    This post is more a tribute to the horse, and not so much the riders, as so often is the case these days.

    This is a list of the top 10 equine money earners for 2018. I've included the amount each horse has won as well as their win rate, and an image so you can see who they are.




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