Eponia Bridle For Sale!

I've hinted at this several times, but it's finally time to publicly admit and let go. That's right, Pig's beautiful basically new Eponia Gatsby bridle does not fit Bast. And so, I am offering it up for sale. (NOTE: BRIDLE IS NOW SOLD. Thanks to everyone for your interest!)
Fit this old man like a dream, though.
As you remember, I reviewed this bridle favorably over the summer. I loved it, and found it very flattering on Pig. It ended up breaking in really well, and I was heartbroken when it didn't appear to fit Bast.
Seriously not a great look.
While the bridle itself looked good on him, the fit of the full size was atrocious on Bast's wee little head. Just like the rest of him, his head is pretty much large pony sized. The caveson that fit Pig so beautifully was comically huge on poor Bast.

So obviously I did the only thing I could do... I bought Bast his very own Gatsby bridle in cob size. And? It's perfect.
Seriously, a brilliant fit right out of the bag. He gets so many compliments.
In fact, I can't get enough of his face in this pretty thing... Plus, the flash attachment has been oh-so-useful for Sir Learning About Contact.
So, are you sold on this bridle? Want one of your own? Now is your chance, and I'm offering Pig's barely used full size for sale at a blogger special price (in other words, cheaper than I have it listed on Facebook).


This beauty here could be yours.
Eponia Gatsby Bridle in black with black padding and silver buckles
Size: Full (fits most thoroughbred - warmblood types, is very adjustable)
Included: Flash attachment, rubber/web reins, champagne crystal browband, and original bag
Price: $165 + shipping SOLD
Bridle features well padded anatomical monocrown, as is all the rage these days.
Flash can be completely removed, or attached inside or outside of the caveson, giving you complete customization.
Interested? Comment or email me at [cheerful chestnut at gmail dot com]


  1. This is a STEAL! I love my Eponia bridle and hope someone snaps this one up fast :) And yes Bast's own bridle looks so good on him YAY!

  2. Way to make my choice to buy a bridle for my birthday that much harder. Such a good looking bridle! I'll just be over here, staring at the pro/con list I've made (and just added this bridle to).

  3. Love it! That's next on my list for Emi but I think she might require some mix and match. :)

  4. Whohoo glad someone grabbed it :)


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