The Joy of Flying

While Liz was here, she suggested doing a series of "glamour shots" with Pig. Since Allison's husband had done such a phenomenal job with photos last year, she knew I didn't really need more posed and quiet shots.
Of course, we had to do some traditional glamour shots, because he's basically the most glamorous thing.
Instead Liz looked at me and said, "How about you take him galloping instead?"
There is nothing this horse and I enjoy more than going for a good, old-fashioned, no-holds-barred, all-out gallop across the field.
In case that enjoyment wasn't obvious...
The fact that we were decked out in 100% dressage gear (complete with totally unnecessary dressage whip) did not even slow us down for a second, as this compilation of videos by Emma shows...

However, I have to recommend shortening your stirrups if you plan to blow of steam with your dressage partner. Otherwise it'll take all the ab strength you have to stay somewhat together up there.
Abs engaged!
Who says dressage horses don't have a need for speed?
I'd like to pretend I have something deep and meaningful to accompany these photos, but I don't.
But do I really need to? Can't we just enjoy that happy pony face?
Really, this whole post only exists to bring the glorious galloping photos Liz took and the fun video Emma captured to the wider internet.
Because, honestly we need nothing more.
So, Happy Friday everyone. May these captures make your day a little brighter, and inspire you to do something joyful with your horse this weekend.
And the whole family...
Don't forget the whole point of spending time with these crazy wild creatures is for fun.
And not just our fun...
They need to have fun, just as much as we do. So get out there and find your mutual joy.
And bring the dog, too!
Then enjoy the hell out of your time together.
But try not to poop out a husky...
Really, though, enjoy it.
Get out there and chase that joy.
Because you know what?
Happiness is contagious.
These sorts of moments, where you and your horse are enjoying your life together?
Total partners in fun.
Where you're both in tune with each other and totally on the same page?
They're the moments you'll remember.
The moments that'll help build your partnership...
... and celebrate it.
Don't miss out on them.


  1. some of my favorite memories of isabel are from just letting go and RUNNING. no deep thinking. no management or preparation for each step. no second guessing each other. just. mane whipping running.

  2. I love that first pic of you Pig and Lyra. So happy, all the feels. Of course I love all the pics too :)

    1. :) I can't decide who is enjoying themselves most out of our group.

  3. AWWWWWWW! Love this post and photos are awesome!

  4. I'm so glad we did this. I love the photos and I loved witnessing the unadulterated happiness.

  5. These photos are fantastic and I'm so jealous of the big grass field where you can do that.

  6. Loved these photos even more than last year's photos! You can just see the joy!

  7. So fun! The pics are beautiful and your happiness is obvious. Love the post!

  8. Couldn't agree more. My Maus and I enjoy nothing more than our four-furlong gallop up the last rise before home (after a long trail ride).


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