Riding Lately

It's been hard to write recently for a couple of reasons: lack of time and lack of excitement.
Happy horse. Happy rider.
This isn't to say things have been bad. No, no. Quite the contrary.
Nope, instead my days have been full of spending time with my happy horse.
And enjoying the slow process of incremental progress.
#dawningoffourthlevel #shhh
Each day we work on relaxation and throughness.
Then we work on maintaining a good rhythm in half halts, and developing more collection.
Then I'll look into lateral work, and test obedience to lateral aids.
Most days, that's where we end. My time during the week is limited, so a 30-40 minute ride is all I have time for.
Most days I don't even put a saddle on either. It's all about maximizing my time.
Once a week we'll go for a hack. Sometimes it's a quick mental break around the property. And sometimes it's a long drawn out trot/gallop session for fitness.
And once a week when I've actually put a saddle on my creature, we'll put the pressure on that lead change work. The work on relaxation has really gone a long way to making our changes better. The idea of multiples required for fourth no longer seems completely out of reach. This floors me.
But overall, the progress is very slow, yet steady. I know we're knocking down barriers to a move up, but there's no huge achievement or milestone to celebrate. Only the quiet enjoyment of a team enjoying their daily work.
And really? Can you ask for anything more?


  1. <3 way behind you in terms of level, but I know that feeling and I love it

  2. I don't think any of us could ask for anything more 😀 wonderful lost!

  3. Sounds like great rides in your neck of the woods.

  4. This post was so relaxing to read. It is fantastic to see you guys doing great things

  5. Relaxation is my friend. Unfortunately my horse isn't always on the same page...
    It's exciting that you guys are working on 4th!

  6. Sounds like some good work goin on!

  7. I love this so much!! Keep it up :) :) :)

  8. I'm envious of your ability to gallop bareback through fields! But happy rides is what it needs to be all about. I love the post and the photos.

  9. What a handsome boy you have. :) So glad to hear everything is going so well. The pics are beautiful!

  10. This makes me so happy, gotta love slow & steady progress - keep up the fab work and awesome green matchy-matchy 💚💚💚💚

  11. Even though it doesn't make for very exciting blogging, this type of riding progress is the very best. Steadily plugging along until one day you turn around and think, "Wow, how did we get HERE?"

  12. So awesome! I glad you updated the interwebs with your story. I hope everything continues going as well as it sounds like it has been :)

  13. That's where we're at these days too. Lots of quiet, small incremental progress. But I love it.

  14. Awwww, calm relaxed horse and happy rider = perfection!


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