September Goals | August Analysis

Pig examines the ground after a typical August evening ride.
August Goals
1. Keep rides fairly stress free for Pig.
Success. While some rides were fights, for the most part I kept things simple and focused on getting some kind of quality work out of him and quitting. No rides really drug into the night due to a fight, and he rarely shut down due to stress. That said, we can still be an argumentative pair.

2. Focus on balance and straightness in every ride. Get that before moving on to something else, and reestablish it when it's lost instead of moving on.
Success. I feel like I finally have a grip on how to start with a supple and relaxed horse, and how to go back and get him when I work so hard I leave him behind.

3. Start adding in shoulder-in/travers more often.
Yes! The last two weeks have been full of travers/renvers/shoulder-in. It hasn't all been show quality, but it doesn't really have to be yet. Best of all? It's been fairly low-stress.
These sunflowers only appear for one week out of the summer. They were strangely florescent this year.
4. Work on the medium trot again. He is starting to get it now that he's straight. Push for more.
Yes! Starting to really get this! In pushing for medium trot, I realized I need to work harder on getting a smaller trot first. The same goes for the medium canter development. The ability to collect results in the ability to extend. It's so simple, and obvious. Obviously, I missed it.

5. Carry over the straightness and balance work into the canter. It's weaker now.
DING! I managed this in two rides. This horse is so naturally good at the canter. Just, wow.

6. Canter departs need more sit. Downwards need more push. Work it.
So much. Better. More on this later...

August Personal Goals
1. Heal foot. Ramp running back up.
Foot = Healed. Running = Not ramped up. The heat got to me this month, and my running took a severe hit. In the process of ramping back up now.
Puppies haven't complained about the slack in running. It's been too hot and humid for them, too!
2. Don't eat too much peanut butter while off of running. 
Partial success. I limited my peanut butter jars to approx 1 a week. I think. Maybe? I plead the 5th!

3. YOGA. Minimum of 30 min continuous once a week with 3 other sessions of quick stretches.
FAIL! I did yoga a total of three times last month. #thetruthhurts

4. Graduate school ... so that's a thing.
Yep. Getting there ...
Took the dogs hiking at Turkey Run State Park. Much fun was had by all.
September Goals
1. Straighten the shoulder in to the left, and flex it to the right. The angle is good, but I'm trying too hard in places. Sometimes I just need to relax and ride the movement.
2. Better explain renvers to the right to Pig. Right now it takes 3/4 of the long side to get the bend. I need that faster.
3. Improve turn on haunches at walk. Keep hind end sitting and walking through at least 1/2 of movement.
3. Work the super collected trot -> medium trot transitions, and do not lose my seat!
4. Improve 2nd Level 1 score into the 60% range.
5. Debut 2nd Level 2, completely all movements, score 58% or better.
6. Get Nancy's opinion on our improvements.

September Personal Goals
1. Get running mileage back up to 15 miles a week, minimum, by the end of the month.
2. Yoga twice weekly.
3. This month is super busy, and so is the next. I need to get back into a daily schedule and stay on top of finances to make it through alive.


  1. The sunflowers are gorgeous!!

    1. It's always a lovely surprise when I turn the corner and find them!

  2. I really need to jump on the goals and analysis wagon. Maybe that would help me accomplish something!

    1. Doooo it! Come to the dark side. Add another layer to the pony obsession. ;)

  3. I know the feel of being constantly behind... ugh.. I am actually breaking some personal none horse goals into weekly goals in order to try to stay alive.

    1. Sing it with me now! "I, I, I, I'm staying alive, staying alive!" ;)

  4. so now I feel guilt for not posting monthly goals. Good for you for the progress you're making. :)

    1. Aw, no guilt here! This is a zero guilt zone! :)

  5. Gorgeous sunflowers, love them. Such a pity they are only around for one week!

    1. It is a pity! I'm always surprised by how quickly they wither.


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