July Goals (May Analysis?!)

Since May was much too busy to keep on top of things, I figured I would just postpone goals until July. That's going to make things sort of disjointed, but I suppose that's life.
(In an effort to make this goals post more interesting, I've included adorable puppy photos. You're welcome.)

May Goals:
1. Work through the tension and temper tantrums going from straightness to flexion is causing in Guinness, and establish better overall straightness and balance.
Half success? Hard to think back and remember when we worked through the tension, but we did finally learn flexion. Unfortunately, we didn't exactly fix the straightness issue. More on that soon... 
Who's not straight? Me? Surely not!
2. Keep up with 2nd 1 and review and get comfortable with 1st 2. Video rides again a week out from Harmony.
Oops. Total fail. I didn't end up practicing either test in it's entirely before the show. Honestly, Guinness and I were arguing hard during every ride and getting just a nice trot going felt like reason to celebrate. The one video I have from this period I deleted. It was just bad. 

3. Push hard at the beginning of the month and up to Harmony in the Park in the middle of the month. Then, let Guinness have a good week off.
Yes! Despite the fights, we persevered and worked hard. Honestly everything paid off alright at Harmony, and afterwards we took a much needed break from each other and came back fresh. 
Proof of the much-needed arena break!
4. Have a good experience at Harmony in the Park at the middle of the month. Look for confident rides that are more representative of our capabilities. Try to ride every ride, and stay present in the moment. Don't hope Guinness is with me, but actively make it so.
Mostly success! Harmony was certainly a good experience, and my 60% at 2nd made me feel like I'm not totally failing out there. Of course, a lot of our basics were lacking and I ended up being late to my first class which didn't help me ride that test mindfully. One day we'll get reliable rides. Until then, perseverance!!
Owning it at Harmony ... 
5. Finish Bronze scores at 1st level.
Done! Done! Done! I think. I might still do a few first level tests just to see if I can increase our score and be competitive. 

6. Get Bronze score at 2nd level.
Long shot goal accomplished!! So proud of this. 
Gratuitous adorable dog photo, and fancy 2nd place ribbon. :)
5. Get out hacking more. At least once a week for a long ride, or twice a week for a short one.
Technical success. This has been hard, but we've at least been taking short jaunts every week, and occasionally getting out for a long ride. 
Just after this photo, we scared up a huge red-tailed hawk. Nobody panicked. I'm so proud.

Personal May Goals:
1. Yoga. Once a week. Do it!
Yes! Actually managed this. Fell off the yoga wagon a bit at the end of June, but I'm back on and seeing huge results. So helpful, though I still wish I hated it less. 
Getting to do it here at the end of the month certainly helped me enjoy it more. (Word of advice? When doing yoga on the beach, use a mat.)
2. Run a 9 miler. Increase weekly average to 17 miles, try to push for one week of 18-20.
Nope. Flat out no. The heat derailed my athletic training. All my runs have to be done before 7am to avoid the heat (huskies do not do well in hot weather, and neither to sad asthmatics). However, I've adjusted my schedule and am working back up to this. Maybe soon ?
Black Furry Creature would like to remind everyone that 5 mile runs in 75 degree, 90% humidity mornings are cruel and unusual punishment. He would also like to praise the creator of the air conditioner.
3. Keep up with my daily routines and stop letting ice cream and peanut butter sabotage my life. (Anyone else eat multiple jars of peanut butter in a week? No? Just me ...?)
Ha! No. Vacation and hot weather completely derailed all my routines and caused me to rely even more heavily on ice cream and peanut butter to survive. Life is hard, y'all. Peanut butter is a miracle.
"Mom. This is cruel. I love peanut butter..."
4. Get my plants/flowers planted, my yard looking less like a trailer park, and my screened in porch ready for the summer pizza party season.
Success! And, the summer pizza party was full of delicious food, great drinks, and lots of fun. 

July Goals
1. Take advantage of the truck and trailer being easily accessible this month to ride with Nancy more. 
2. Fix the crooked horse! Get Guinness really straight and working through, especially engage that right hind!
3. Fix the crooked rider! Commit weighting the correct seatbone to muscle memory, and increase hip flexibility. 
4. Start asking for more intense movement strings from Pig while keeping thoroughness. 
5. Fix Floating Leg Syndrome. Try to keep my legs on and back without holding with the thighs or knees. Gotta fix this to 100% separate seat from leg. So close!!
6. Ride more horses so I can fix my own straightness issues!
Ride all the horses!!

July Personal Goals
1. Yoga twice a week. Up the ante! (Cue internal groan-fest)
2. Increase runs back to 15-18 miles a week. Run a 7 miler. 
3. Achieve daily to-do list of zero nightly, and set up list for next day before bed. 
4. Get to bed before 10p on the week days. Sleep is important and I need to stop skimping on it.
Off running all the roads...


  1. I'm impressed no one panicked! haha

    1. Haha, me too! I think I was the most startled one of the group!


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