Whoa Late: July Goals

Monthly goals are a thing I want to get more into, especially as Guinness and I move further along into our training. Of course, I'm no good with deadlines and completely missed the mark on July. Nearly half the month is gone already. How did that happen?!

Anyway, on to the important stuff:

July Riding/Training Goals

1. Develop consistent contact, especially through changes of bend and transitions.
  - We are already leaps and bounds ahead of where we were just two months ago, but transitions and changes of bend can still get sticky and result in an evasive Pig. Must remember to keep adjusting my contact, stay elastic and ride forward for every single stride.

2. Establish forward and calm leg yields, off the rail in both directions. 
  - No more panicking and losing our forward in favor of sideways. Here, I must remember that the leg yield is a straightening exercise and to continue to ride both sides of my horse. The sideways will happen when he is straight enough to support it. 

3. Keep up with my daily ride Journal (Day One, free in the itunes store right now, is AWESOME for this).   - Remember, take 3 things away from every ride. I can elaborate as I like, but at least 3 bullet points is the goal!

3. Achieve passable scores at our July schooling show.
  - 60% + or bust! (Keep your fingers crossed that it isn't a bust!)

4. Manage to ride at least 4 dressage schools weekly, and at least 1 hour long hack in addition.
We can do it! 
July Fitness Goals

1. Keep walking routine to 15 miles weekly while softly starting running again.

2. Amp up core fitness routine

to an extra day a week (making it 4 days of core fitness).

3. If everything holds, try adding in one day of strength training back in on Fridays. 

This hip injury has been total hell. I've sacrificed my own fitness routines in favor of riding (I had to pick one or the other, but trying to keep both was destroying my ability to heal). I'm such a complete disaster when I'm injured. Ask anyone who had to deal with me when I pulled my adductor in college and couldn't run. The last two weeks, I've been riding without any serious pain. A deep pull or twinge has flared up while sitting the trot or lifting my leg (like to walk up stairs), but nothing serious like before. I'm counting on all of you  to keep your fingers crossed that this sucker is finally on the mend! 


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