Unemployment's a B*tch (for horses, too!)

This isn't a typical post for me, instead this is a bit of an advertisement post. I know I have a handful of readers who are involved in eventing in the Indiana area, and I'm calling out to you.

My dear friend is going through a bit of a transition period (new job, new home, new town, no money -- you know). Unfortunately, the free-lease situation she placed her horse in for the summer has fallen through, and she's looking for someone else who is looking for an experienced jumper.

So, anyone out there looking for a confident and experienced jumper/eventer who LOVES his job? He's perfect for someone looking to develop confidence over larger fences, or make a move up to novice or training level eventing.

Meet Teagan's Glass: You guys might recognize Teagan as Guinness' favorite hacking buddy. He's been pictured on this blog before, and Cheerful Chestnut Horse and Gallant Gray have spent many, many miles trotting and galloping happily along together. Right now, Teagan is discovering that unemployment papers are difficult to fill out when you have hooves. He'd be much happier leaping large jumps and galloping through water.
Jumper show from 2012
Teagan is a 15 yr old gray Thoroughbred gelding. He's been evented (find record here), and also some jumper shows with success. He's rather opinionated in dressage, so I wouldn't recommend him as a straight dressage horse (I'm actually laughing aloud as I imagine this fate for him...).

My name is Teagan. I am amazing.  
He's kind of a big deal.
At a USEA show
Teagan eats water jumps for breakfast!
"I'm Teagan. My favorite part of dressage is when it's over!"

If you're interested in Teagan, please email Hannah at hannahreeley@gmail.com or comment below. I'll be happy to answer any questions!