Show Season

I realized today that I haven't given an update on our plans for the upcoming show season. Whoops!

This year, I've made an effort to streamline my showing efforts to best hit my goals without going completely broke, or wearing out myself and my horse. Let's review the goals, shall we?

1. To achieve 2 scores of 60% or above at a recognized show to put towards my USDF Bronze medal.

2. To demonstrate competency at 1st level.

3. Qualify for IDS ride-offs at First Level.

4. To get comfortable with all the demands of showing, and feel capable and in control of the whole situation.

5. To learn as much as possible about my sport, and enjoy spending time with the people in it.

So far, my schedule looks something like this:

May 11, 2013
IDS Schooling show
First Level 2 & 3

June 22 & 23, 2013
Indy Dressage Classic
First Level 2 & 3

July 20, 2013
Chevaux Schooling Show
First Level 2 & 3

September 28, 2013
IDS Championships/Schooling
First Level 3, ?

As all of these shows are IDS recognized, I should have no problems qualifying for ride-offs with IDS. I'm hoping to be able to get 2 decent scores at the Indy Dressage Classic, allowing me to have my scores for my Bronze. If the show this weekend shows that I'm not ready to hit the "big time" the following month, I will delay that showing debut until August.

What do you guys think? How do you decide what shows to go to?
Let's go show season!


  1. I love that picture of you and Guiness! Well, our move to KY is throwing a big wrench in my previous showing goals for this season - I planned to try and qualify for IDS Championships this fall. So I will just be content to cheer you on :)

    1. Aw, I'll take the cheering section. :) I'm absurdly excited for your move to KY. It's such a great opportunity for you guys, and such a beautiful town. You'll get comfortable out there and start showing us all up in no time!


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