An Edifying Equine, Difficult Days and a Confusing Carpal Contusion

(Terribly sorry for the vocabulary lesson of a title ... no, actually, I'm not.)

Since we last met, friends, life with the big red horse has been a rollercoaster. I shall briefly outline, then do some more detailed posts to follow.

  • Our lesson with Nancy in March was fantastic. I mentioned to her when we started that I wanted to get some pointers from her on the counter canter. She did me one better, that's mainly what we worked on. There were breakthroughs, and it was hard. For example, I know that I can't control my left hip, and I'm much too strong/demanding with my right side)
  • We worked on the counter canter through the end of March and the start of April. Progress was made. It is a this point that the trot lengthenings completely went away. If it's not one thing, it's another... 
  • The day after a particularly fantastic ride, Guinness comes in with a strange swelling and heat just behind and slightly below right front "knee." No real lameness is apparent, but any palpation of the area has him swinging his leg around to get away. With other horses at the barn getting big swellings on their legs from fighting the sucking mud, I worry and wrap him up for a night in (his first night in a stall since our last show in September). 
  • The swelling doesn't end. Luckily, I do manage to cure thrushy feet during stall rest. As time drags on, commence worrying a whole lot and drinking a few glasses of wine. 
  • With the swelling in such a tender area, I end up calling Purdue College of Veterinary Science, making an appointment to have an ultrasound performed to rule out a tendon injury.
Yup! It's been nuts here. Our Purdue appointment was yesterday, and I don't want anyone to worry unnecessarily, but the results were good! No tendon damage!

Guinness waits nervously for the vet.


  1. So glad to hear no tendon damage! We went thru that possible worry last year with the Diva. Guinness looks handsome, as always!

  2. Aw, thanks Kelly! I think I missed your scare with Diva, was it her knee? Aren't injuries to our horses the scariest? I'd much rather have an injury myself, for sure.


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