A New Focus

Last Monday, Guinness had another set of fetlock injections. Before the injections he was worse than ever, and I was feeling pretty terrible. I think everyone can understand the helplessness you feel when an animal under your care is in pain, and you can't fix the problem. Luckily, injections seem to ease his pain and keep the heat/swelling down in his ankles. While I know this is only going to be a temporary fix (the next few years are going to get rougher), for now he is happy and mobile.

A happy, mobile horse means a happy owner.

I think I've finally come to terms with my horse's physically disability. It's sad, but DJD just isn't something you recover from. As such, I'm happy to report that we are going to try to go as far as we can in the dressage world. My horse is built for dressage, and we do both enjoy the training. So, while I am still sad, I'm happier to focus on a future that will bring us a partnership for a few more years.

That being said, stay tuned for training (of both me and Pig), tack & gear reviews and show updates as we get ourselves into shape for the upcoming season.

Looking forward again ...