The Proof in the Pudding

I'm sorry about the post title, I've been watching a lot of Bones recently.

Anyway, last night my beloved husband came out and took some photos of my ride. While the winter-time low light is difficult to shoot in (especially for someone without a lot of photo experience, so cut him a break!), he managed to get proof of our miraculous stretchy trot I talked about yesterday.
He's so stretchy!
Let's not comment on my position, I'm riding without stirrups for a reason. Damn you lower leg!
And now for some select hightlights from the ride:

After years of fighting this horse to step under himself and work through his back, success feels sweet. 

Look up, look up, LOOK UP!
 I don't have much else to say about Guinness. He was, again, sounder than sound could be, and very happy to be moving around. During the first part of our ride, the high school horse show team was practicing over fences. I guess Guinness decided that he was at a jumper show, and started giving me little bouts of "showjumper canter" whenever pointed in the direction of a fence. You know the canter I'm talking about. The high, nearly rearing with every stride, super exuberant canter showjumpers develop just before a monstrous jumping effort? Yeah, that. It's really hard to say no to a horse who wants to jump that badly ... Come on miracle cure for arthritis!