Friday, August 19, 2016

Forge Ahead Friday: Getting my Bronze

Forge Ahead Friday is a section of the blog where I am going to catch up on things that have happened, but I didn't cover. These aren't in chronological order, but are fun tidbits of my equestrian journey!

In May, I hopped onto Centerline Scores to see if my scores from my last show had been uploaded yet. Lo and behold, they had. A special plus was seeing my name scroll across the main screen as a new medalist!
Whee! There I am!
The moment I saw my updated scores, I bolted over to the USDF score check to see if they had updated my eligibility status. Success!
I immediately filled out the forms for my Bronze and my 2nd Level Rider Award, paid my money, and went on my happy way.

Early in June, I came home to a mailbox stuffed with goodies:
My actual Bronze medal won't be awarded until the December ceremony at the USDF annual conference. They'll ship me my award if I don't go. In the meantime, I can order a lapel pin. What do you think? Should I get it!?