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A Year Since "The Fence"

One year ago, Bast careened through a fence in a wild panic. That's the day his life completely changed. I thought it would be fun to look back and see how far he has come from the nervous, ulcer-ridden pile of tension he was then.

Early last April I was starting to get moments with Bast where I could tell he was loosening up and learning to move more like a dressage horse than a race horse. However, his tension and ulcers made me question whether the next step he took would be sane or an explosion.
Walking out in the field or riding during turnout times was impossible. Any other horse on the property moving was an excuse for Bast to tune me out completely and zone in on the other horse. He was so insecure other horses moving around would completely unhinge him. Yet, the absence of horses would also put him on edge. He did not look to me as a partner or for support at all, most times he just wanted to be away from me. Once Bast ran through the fence last year, I realized an impor…

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