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These Boys Are Full of Holes

When I last left you guys, Pig had just taken a bad whack to the left hock and Bast was (maybe?) recovered from a minor abscess. Well, in a week's time we've had quite the round of updates.
Pig's hock continued to look hot and swollen for too many days. Tuesday afternoon I ended up calling the vet and making an appointment for Thursday. Of course you all know that means Thursday morning his hock was back to it's normal size and the wound was looking good. Still, the vet agreed the length of time the joint stayed hot was concerning. She suggested we start on SMZs, and be really proactive watching for infection.
Friday morning things looked great, but Saturday the whole joint was even more swollen than previously. It was flame hot again, too. Still, the wound itself looks really good. It's at that stage of healing where it looks really gross, but is actually doing great. 
The vet wasn't too worried, suggesting we put him back on bute for the day and aggressively col…

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