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Goals? Who had goals? (2019 Review / 2020 Vision)

Good lord. It's January 2020. When did that happen?

Guys, I am so sorry I disappeared at the end of last year. Life turned up to 11, and blogging fell by the wayside as I attempted to keep up. Thankfully, it's January, my favorite time of year. This is the only time where I feel like I have actual down time and weekends. It's rejuvenating to not have a schedule booked moment by moment.

With that in mind, let's take a look back at my goals for last year and set some things to continue working towards this year. Join me?

2019 Riding/Horse Goals
1. Keep quarterly goals for Bast, and review regularly.
(3) I only did these 3 of the quarters of the year. Whoops. Sorry Q4.
2. Set aside time weekly to read through my horse training books. Get through all 3 I haven't read through yet.
(4) Got through 2 of the three.
3. Show Bast at one recognized show at First Level.
(5) Done and walked away with a 60. Probably wasn't ready, but accomplished nonetheless.
4. Have Bast schoo…

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