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Trail Blooper Tuesday

It's no secret Bast is not a confident trail horse. He very suited to the dressage ring's order and repetition. He finds that environment safe. While it's awesome he enjoys his main job, sometimes a girl just needs to get out in the woods with her horse... and not die.
As such, I made it one of my goals this year to get Bast out on the trails more regularly. When Liz was here, we jumped at the opportunity to get out on the more wild trails behind my barn.

These trails really are wild in places. Seriously. I've been on endurance rides with horse eating mud holes that are easier than these. Unfortunately, most of the truly difficult stuff was completely trashed in the flooding we had last year. Liz and I (and Pig and Bast) mostly stuck to the fields and more open byways.
The ride was a complete blast. We were gone for a good long time, starting the ride in the pouring rain and finishing with lovely cool dusk weather-- seriously lucky for May in Washington D.C.

All that a…

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