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I just took a DNA Test...

So. There's been a snag in Bast's turnout assimilation. As expected. It's the mare.
Turns out Bast and the mare are completely obsessed with each other. It's supremely annoying.

Doing anything with Bast has spawned complete meltdowns if the mare gets more than 3ft from him. The moment we leave the pasture the pair of them begin screaming, disturbing the entire farm and surrounding county for the entirety of our ride. For a small sample of the sheer noise see below. Warning. Do not listen with headphones. You'll deafen yourself.

I think what's annoying is they are both screaming non stop.
Honestly I'm kind of at my wits end with the pair of them. I'm hoping she comes out of heat soon, and things return to quasi normal. This is not sustainable heading into winter.
Unfortunately I'm not sure this is going to be an easy fix. I have some plans in the works, so stay tuned to see how those are working out. I really need this pasture situation to work, so …

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