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Surviving the heat

Bast came home from the vet just in time for a huge heat wave to hit the whole Eastern half of the US. Even for a place known for oppressively hot and humid summers, it has been gross. Thankfully the worst of things (read: Heat Advisories for temps feeling like 120°) resolved a few weeks ago, and the oppressive humidity has dropped some. That's left us with a strings of days hitting in the 90s with more moderate humidity.

As a person who borderline hates summer, this has not been ideal weather to ramp up the routines for my boys. Still, I'm nothing if not dedicated to getting it done, despite the horror that can be hot weather.

How do we survive? Let's start by looking at things I do to help the horses.

Fly Boots
Both Pig and Bast are barefoot. In the dry summer months when the flies are at their worst, this means fly boots are a necessity. Without them both boys succumb to sore and overly chipped feet from repeatedly stomping on the hard ground. Pig especially is known to…

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