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Happy 22nd Birthday, Piggy!

Yesterday was Pig's true 22nd birthday! If this old man was a human, he could buy his own crisp white wine with his real ID. How exciting! To honor my lovely redhead's birthday, I thought I'd share some facts about him.

1. Despite his barn name, Guinness does not like beer at all. In fact the only alcohol he'll enjoy (in moderation!) is white wine. We used to share sips of chilled sauvignon blanc after our dressage tests. I don't even like white wine, but for this old man I made the change.
2. He's been barefoot for the last 9 years. The transition was really difficult, but vet mandated. Once we shed the shoes, his fetlock arthritis stabilized much faster. His bare feet really brought out his careful nature. He is perpetually cautious of rocky footing, preferring to take his sweet time crossing stones. However, he rarely comes up with a stone bruise, so this approach seems to work for him!

3. Piggy dislikes being dirty. He avoids rolling in the mud as much as …

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