Dare I Call Him ... Rideable?

Y'all. This horse recently. He's been freaking fantastic, and fun.

I realize my definition of "rideable" is quite different from most other's. For example, I have to admit that this little thoroughbred has had all the basics installed for quite some time. His brakes are actually quite good. His go button is definitely there. He turns and understands rein aids. As far as basic training, he's been rolling along for a long time. But to me, basics don't necessarily make a horse rideable.
Though he does let me video others while riding him. Totally a necessary skill.

I enjoy a horse that has a deeper understanding of the aids. I consider a horse rideable once they have a reliable half halt off the seat and once they begin to yield their ribcage and bend through their body as well as their neck. A horse that can begin to collect is rideable. So is one that can execute a transition off the seat alone.
Even if he still won't close his mouth...

Bast is becoming that horse.

There's more to it, too. He's able to go off property and jump around a course of crossrails without blinking an eye. The next day, I can bring him out for a dressage lesson in the middle of a field and know that he'll be completely civilized. The day after that we can go for a 6 mile gallop ride, and he'll come back from a flat gallop into an uphill balance off my abs. Mentally he's up for anything, as long as I am there to support him.

That is so cool.

It's been a long road with this little guy, but am I utterly amazed at how far we've traveled.


  1. ❤️ Such a good little Crap Chip!

  2. I like your definitions of rideable. Mine includes listening to my aids without having to shout......

  3. I believe this is called Fancy Broke. ;-) It's a fun stage.

  4. Pfft what is this bending you speak of!?

  5. AWWWWWW! This post made me very happy!

  6. You need to blog more I need more Bast photos! Please and thank you

  7. That's all awesome, and even more so because you are the one who made him that way! :D


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